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Zearis Philosophy

Nothing is impossible if the thinking about the purpose and essence of our lives stands above all other kinds of thinking. Such thinking inevitably leads us to regret, which always compels us to confess, that we should have loved each other more! And such regret brings us the delight, which stands above all other delights. Only thinking about love and kindness can generate that sort of delight. Thus, nothing is impossible for those, who are strengthened by love and kindness.

About us

Our company named ZEARIS was established in 2012. Although the way we went through heretofore may be called a preparative period. The period, when it was being formed a perfect model and contents. It took three years for selecting the best service - staff for our organization. The very staff, consisted of the professional and experienced persons, started to form traditional manufacturing, as it is the production of Wine and Chacha made from the particular variety of grapes. We summed up many years’ experience and concentrated the whole knowledge, that had given us an opportunity of producing this unique product. With great delight we’d like to inform you, that the scientist-technologists and practitioner-technologists.


Our word
We are really distressed by the fact, that Chacha as the unique result of the century-old tradition and the sophisticated product, distilled from grapes in a motherland of Wine and Vine, having been neatly cared for by a Georgian man, whose attitude towards the Vine itself is subtle, does not stand on the level of the well-known beverages in the world and what’s more, has not ever been presented in the market at all.  Actually our product is not less, but even better, than the above-mentioned beverages. It’ a great honor for us to let you know with gladness, that we’ve set about the work concerning an exceptionally responsible and proud subject, the reason of which is to rank our precious product among the world’s best beverages. The support from your side is invaluable, obliging us very much. 
How we should drink Chacha
  How we should drink Chacha for getting use of it? According to the advice of expert/oenologists, Chacha must be taken with a single breath, but rather slowly, gulping in 20-30gm, especially when it concerns ZEARIS Chacha, because with all the useful properties, you would feel in the very drink the best Georgian traditions jointly gathered and then merged and synthesized with contemporaneity. From the beginning it was noticed, that after having drunk hard, that was just Chacha - the vine spirit again used to help a Georgian man to get out of hangover. They would earlier drink Chacha also as an appetizer. Like all the kinds of alcoholic drinks, the usage of Chacha in the wrong way, injures an organism. First, we shouldn’t forget, that any alcoholic beverage is characterized by alcohol-dependence. Taking the above-mentioned drink is impermissible in the state of individual intolerance, allergy, for teenagers, pregnant women and mothers being in the period of lactation; in case of ulcer disease, mental insanity, cardiovascular disease-acute coronary syndrome (a heart attack) and oncologic diseases. .



Chacha is far too more than other alcoholic drinks. Chacha for us is above all the kinds of alcoholic beverages, because we get the very product in the country, acknowledged as a homeland of wine and vine. We use a unique method of distillation, the mysterious part of which gives us possibilities of inimitable unification of the Georgian antique tradition and contemporaneity precisely in our product - ZEARIS Chacha. Our product ZEARIS Chacha is made from the unique variety of grapes Saperavi. At the same time, in the particular cases, ZEARIS Chacha takes the beginning from the carefully saved and wise vineyards, the varieties of which are the vines: BEBERI MTSVANE (Old Green) and RKATSITELI (RED SHOOT) . The centuries-old tradition of manufacturing Chacha is an intellectual property of all the Georgian people and that’s why we feel the strongest responsibility for carrying on with this noble tradition and try to make our modest contribution to modernizing the very drink production technology.  
Our Technology
The secret of our technology is exactly hidden in the process of correspondence between the ancient tradition and contemporaneity. We possess such exclusive information concerning the manufacturing of Chacha, that makes our product be sophisticated, purest and aromatic. We produce it in the world’s point, which is distinguished with its ecological peculiarity; the point, that is looked down by the Caucasus Mountains from one side, the Mountains with the help of which the climate gets inspiration of particular cleanliness; from the other side the air blows, as if saturated with such natural consistence, which is specially created for vineyard, vine and wine and enrich the vineyards with the unique features. It should be admitted, that the place, where products of  ZEARIS  are produced, amazingly coincides with the very one, which is known as the junction of the world cultures. This place is called  NECRESI. Thus, as we are Georgians and producers, the very fact makes us more responsible, than ever.


Aroma of ZEARIS chacha
“ZEARIS” Chacha is complemented of nutty and light honey top notes. A slight astringency goes with air contact while uncovering spice and white flowers. The texture is creamy and soft, mouth feel with floral notes and nuttiness. Very good length which remains integrated with all the pronounced flavours on the palate.
Some information about Chacha
No one really knows when the Georgians learnt how to distill Chacha. Though it’s evident, that the first Georgian spirits must have been distilled from Chacha. Chacha is exactly made from grapes only. Our ancestors would use the above-mentioned drink rather with a view to treatment, than to inebriation. Therefore, with the object of treatment, Chacha essentially has been made in Monasteries, consequently, throughout the centuries the receipts of Chacha technology have been improved. The tradition of taking Chacha, with the medical purpose, has been maintained up to this date, especially in a village.

The glass of ZEARIS

 ZEARIS Vessel
As all the other details of our product, our vessel is also made by hand. It is modeled only by hand, accordingly not manufactured by mechanical-conveying technology. The procedure of glass-making by hand is traditional and century-old. This tradition is so perfect, that only it could have created such an exquisite vessel, as it is the vessel of ZEARIS Chacha. We don’t call it simply a bottle, because it is the most perfect creation among all the bottles, and that’s why we call it ZEARIS Vessel. The latter consists of two parts - In the first part-there is modeled a bunch of grapes symbolically dripped with drops of the wine and in the second one - there is bottled Chacha. So, the drink, you will enjoy with great pleasure, is made exactly from the same grapes and wine.

ZEARIS Drinking-Glasses

Each vessel of ZEARIS is hand-modeled. Having been frozen, the vessel the liquid - bottled in the bunches of grapes, modeled in the middle of ZEARIS VESSEL (glass), keeps the state of aggregation for two or three hours and even after taking it from the frig, you’ve got a possibility to drink it cold.