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Three Georgian legends, which became the inspiration of ZEARIS and the beverage only for women

2 September, 2016

       The myths of the Argonauts, Amirani and Tbilisi pheasant are known for everybody, however, it didn’t occurred to anyone, that the very three stories would have ever appeared from the Georgian mythology as a Beverage?! Being inspired with the above-mentioned legends, the company ZEARIS introduced the beverage and called it  ,,Mythology’’. Having the magnificent fragrance, the very beverage is distinguished by its package and as all the outputs of ZEARIS, it is completely handmade either. The company didn’t come to a halt stop, it offered the beverage, especially created for women, as well. The Advertising Service Director of the company Mr. Levan Chikhladze talked to us about the conception and value of ZEARIS.
 M:  How are the ZEARIS products manufactured and what kind of implication does the grape bunch, handcrafted inside the bottle, have?
    The ZEARIS products are manufactured according to the unique method. The latter is the synthesis of the too sophisticated ancient traditions with the modern scientific knowledge. Our products were created by the scientists and technologists of the world rank. Therefore, we called it ZEARIS, because it is above all the products. The grape bunch, symbolically filled with the drops of the wine Saperavi is considered to be a symbol of our country and at the same time it refers to the fact, that Chacha itself is also produced from the very grape variety. The grape bunch, with its wine inside, is a spirit for us, as for Chacha and the handmade bottle-it is a body, which symbolically entirely resembles Georgia.
 M:   For whom is the ZEARIS product produced; who is your target segment?
        The ZEARIS product is made for everybody, but we are pity for the fact, that our cost price is too high  and unfortunately, it shouldn’t be at present accessible for everyone, accordingly, today’s target segment  probably is the very representation, which is able to bring gifts to others, to himself and enjoy the unique taste of our Chacha. Though, we assure you, that the economy is moving forward, maybe we will soon make the handcrafted bottles over here - in Georgia, that will reduce the price of our product, in the result of which, the latter will become a public one.  At the same time, we maintain the high price segment, which will be available only to the business community, but we does not decline the opportunities of those people, who cannot afford themselves getting our product, so, we are creating for them a product, which won’t be less. 
M:  Tell us about the conception of "Mythology’’ ...
       We selected the most favorite and precious myths for Georgians. One of them is the myth about the Argonauts and our Medea, which is distinguished by devotion, tragedy and wisdom, as well. At the same time, you know well, that the origin of medicine, as a concept and word, is connected with Medea. We saturated the very product with the natural produce of oranges and citrus, picked in the Medea’s motherland, Colchis and uniquely combined it with the Georgian, Kakhetian Chacha, produced by us.  We made a truly unique product. We created a sea colored bottle for Medea.
    The second myth, Amirani is also picked out among the Georgian myths, I would say, that even among   the world myths either…  Our designers worked too much in creating the very bottle and made a unique product. In the above-mentioned vassal there is bottled the eleven-year-old cognac, but unfortunately, on account of the well-known reasons, it can’t be called cognac, and, therefore, we wrote on the bottle VSOP for making the consumers realize, that is cognac.  At the same time, I want to emphasize the fact, that we       are completely honest with the customers, because we could make the inscription "XO" on the very bottle, but wrote in correspondence with the sort of product, we had at hand, and created it.
 The third myth of Tbilisi and Vakhtang Gorgasali-already a Crown, is moved on to our chronology (AD). It turns out, that we combined the myth and reality with each other. In the very vassal there is bottled our Chacha, which is different from the other products of ZEARIS, as it contains 40 degrees of alcohol.
M:  How was made   "Only For You"?
    We found, that in Georgia no one has ever manufactured a beverage especially for women, lovers, mothers, sisters, etc. Just exactly the very fact has made us to create this product, which is very similar to the product of Medea, but it is not the same. Certainly, it would be unforgivable not to create a unique and amazing box for our women, and such a box truly requires the words of Galaktioni  " There is no sun on heavenly arch, No breezes blow, woods give no start With joy …Without love there’s Neither beauty, Nor immortality there is Without love ..."  So we called it  " Only For You" .
M:  What does the beverage name ZEARIS mean?
        "ZE-ARIS’’ means-above everything, our product is really above the other products. Besides that, the word  ,,ZEARIS’’ denotes  too much  and speaks to us about the main thing-Love, which, as Mr. Guram Dochanashvili says,  " needs to be hidden" . We created our product, as soon as we were given the opportunity of free thinking and development, in the period, when in 2012 our country got relieved. Although, the thinking of creating the product began since 90-ies. Well, that’s not our fault -,, Better late than never!’’. Exactly in the first year we won in the world competition in Nuremberg and went to the final, we took the first place in the nomination of alcohol beverages, there were presented the world's leading products. We won in Georgia and took the first place for our Chacha (See the photos of the awards), and   the most important is the fact, that we won in Georgia among our customers, they chose our product and recognized it, as the best one and today probably there is not the best gift in the very segment for Georgians to present one another with.
      As usual, in Georgia and in the rest of the world too, New Year's table is always decorated with one of the attributes and this is champagne! At this stage, we’d like to make our product be a table-adoring for Georgians not only in a New Year, but on all the high days and holidays, as well. Besides that, for each Georgian family we want our product to become one of the important and necessary attributes, which will always remind us-Georgians the greatness of Georgia and its connection with the vine itself. As for the further plans, with your permission, we keep them confidential at the very moment.