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In 2015 it was casted a limited number of the ZEARIS "Gold", whereupon the very process is not repeated any more. Each bottle has its unique number.

Wise as OLD VINE, aged and seasoned – the personality traits, which since the olden times would be attributed not only to drinks made from grapes of old vines, but also to people earning such esteem.


Limited Eddition Chacha  ZEARIS  finds its origins in old Kakhetian vineyards saved and famous for their old vines of Kakhuri Mstvane and Rkatsiteli. Thoughtfully selected grapes from these vineyards are harvested and vinified in Georgian traditional way giving wines vibrancy of the taste coupled with well pronounced unique properties. By the Tradition young wines are distilled together with all the solid parts of grape bunch right after completing fermentation. Immediately after, Chacha is distilled twice more in strict accordance with the local Traditions. Then, it is placed into Oak Vats, where it spends years awaiting formation of its expected properties. Having reached final unique taste profile, Chacha ZEARIS is bottled for your complete enjoyment.


Limited Edition Chacha  ZEARIS’ color is a harmonic play of ember and golden hues. Aroma of citrus flowers is echoed by the bouquet of fried nuts and dried fruits. Palate is velvety soft and bountiful, pronouncing slightly pungent tannins and finishes with a pleasant tingle reminiscent to that of beeswax.


Limited Edition Chacha  ZEARIS’ has been created for your sophisticated taste.


Besides the fact, that you will be informed about all the news, happening in the very company, you can also use the following services:

      If you are a guest of Georgia:

  1. According to your wish, an automobile of ZEARIS will meet you and take to the place of destination.
  2. The Consultation on Legal issues.
  3. The consultation on Economic issues.
  4. Reservation a room in the hotel for the price, which is reasonable to you.
  5. The planning of the tourist route.
  6. Connection with the guides.
  7. A surprise from ZEARIS.

     If you are a citizen of Georgia:

  1. Special discounts on the ZEARIS production.
  2. Delivery of goods during 24 hours.
  3. Delivery of goods to any point of the world (except for the countries, where the certain restrictions are regulated).
  4. Gathering of the club members once a year to arrange interesting events and a banquet.
  5. Surprises from ZEARIS on the holidays.

Our company is a family! We would be happy, if you become the members of our family, as well.

Limited Edition